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Hebron, IGBC Green Townships Rating System.

IGBC Green Homes

Hebron Enclave- IGBC Platinum Pre-certified Projects

IGBC Green Townships Rating System - IGBC works to provide tools that facilitate the adoption of green buildings in India. The rating system is designed to address large developments and it is mandatory to include residential development as part of township. Some typical examples of large scale developments are integrated townships, satellite cities, gated communities, campuses with multiple buildings etc.

IGBC Green Townships Rating System –is applicable for large development & townships. Townships can be predominantly commercial, industrial or retail but should necessarily comprise of a residential component. At least 25% of the total built-up area (in sq. m.) within the township should be earmarked for residential use, for it to quality for certification.

The IGBC Green Townships Rating System is designed to address the issues of urban sprawl, automobile dependency, social and environmental disconnect.

Developments are evaluated on the following broad aspects Environmental Planning, Land Use planning, Resources management and Community development